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A shared journey- creating opportunities for Learning Conversations

A presentation I did in Boston on Learning Conversations based on this blog post about a talk Maureen did.

Your turn to participate.

Discussion: VoiceThread in the classroom.

Note: Other ways to share a story with students.

A shared web

Join diigo

1. Sign up
2. Add the diigo toolbar
3. Join the CoqTlite group (and change the e-mail notice default)

4. Check out one of these 3 links and Highlight and Take Notes
Learning from my online mistakes By Susan Sedro
Making Connections: Social Networking in the Elementary Classroom By Kim Cofino
Wikis in the Classroom: A Reflection By me:-)

5. Forum discussion: Diigo as a professional learning tool and diigo in the classroom

Two points I'm adding after presenting:

  • Do you del.icio.us? You can get all of your delicious loaded onto diigo and set it up so that everything you diigo goes to your delicious. If you go to http://del.icio.us/dtruss you will see all my bookmarks that I saved on diigo... (I still like delicious and it takes no effort to keep both).

  • This message was left on my Brave New World-Wide-Web video while I was presenting to you:
"Super cool. One of my diigo buddies, who lives in the UK, who I originally discovered on delicious alerted me to this video. We'll use it this Friday for pro D. I live beyond Hope in BC's Heartland. I too get to benefit from what happens in the burbs of Vancouver." by MmeM

Thanks for inviting me to speak with you... contact me if I can help you in any way.

Final thoughts on starting an online project, (based on the 3 articles above- peruse at your leisure).
Project 2 Point Oh Yeah
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