Here is a TLITE Metaphor.wmv created by Scott Beveridge, Pauline Li, and Terry Argotow.

Here is our BACER Metaphor.wmv(again). Becky, Andrea, Connie, Elisa, and Rey hope you enjoy our journey.

joel's friends by Mike Roest, Sommer younie, Jol Drake, and Ron Morwick, inspired by our fantastic mentor and friend, Rick Botero.

We hope you enjoy our PhotoStory1_1.wmv! Created by Steve Sainas, Irene Glen, Lindsay Parkes, and Sandra Wong

Metaphor PowerPoint.pptm Metaphor of Tlite 2008 by Tracy Esplin,Sharon Vanderhoof, Peter Scott and Marlene Fox (Dimitri, Jim, Colin and Tania) Colin has this in his computer and I posted to facebook-it seemed to work.