For this assignment students will:
  • Investigate 2 technology topics
  • Teach what they've learned to peers
  • Get feedback from peers in electronic form. Use the discussion forum on this page to provide feedback. Find (or put) the person's name in the subject line to create one thread per person.
  • Update portfolios with evidence of learning, feedback from peers

What do you want to take time to learn about this summer?

Google Sites -Tania, (Ron)
Google Trends - Jol
Jing - Laurel, Gary, Patti, Elisa, Andrea, Marlene, Connie, Irene, Tania, Ron, Lindsay, Simon, Becky, Jim, Renn, Dimitri, (Terry),Pietro, (Mike), (Karen), Kathie
Second Life -
Skreemr -Steve A.
Wikis - Julianna, Patti, (Reyanne) (Sommer)(Colin), Marlene (Sharon) Scott, (Irene), Tracy, Simon, Pauline, Sandra W., (Karen), Steve A., Kathie, Tania
Web Quests - Reyanne (Sharon), Irene
Online tutorial for YouTube
Kerpoof (educational website)
Voice Threads (oral communication) - Laurel, Gary
Search Techniques (google) - Patti, Julianna (Reyanne) Scott, Jol, Rod
Cuil search engine -
Dreamweaver - Reyanne, Sandra M.
RapidWeaver - (Connie)
Google Earth / Google Space - Steve, Pauline, Terry, Steve Salter, Kathie, Sandi, Tania
Podcasting - Reyanne, Sharon, Connie, Irene, Tania, Simon, Rod, Dimitri, Terry,Pietro Elisa, (Angeline), (Karen), Michelle
iMovie (newer version?) / Movie programs - Reyanne, Colin, Connie (Scott *online movie editing), Andrea (Simon), Sandra W., Becky
iTunes University/Online High Schools (online courses...) - Peter (online idea mapping / collaboration) - Reyanne, Sharon, Lindsay
Google Docs - Julianna, Laurel, Colin, Irene, (Ron), Lindsay, Sandra W., Simon, Kathie, Tania
Google Alerts (notification on keywords) - Sharon, Pauline, Jim
Formatting (eg html, wikis...) -
RSS feeds (why, what, how, where) - Gary, Sandi, Jim, Pietro, Steve Salter, Michelle,Tania
Google Reader for RSS feeds -
Sharepoint v3 - Sandi, Reyanne, Colin, Steve S. Marlene, Sharon, Simon, Becky (Sandra M), (Renn),Pietro, Mike, (Jim), Steve A.
Skype -(Marlene), Jol, Skype
iPods - Julianna, (Peter), Andrea, Connie, Irene, Simon, Renn, Kathie, Tania
MSN Shared Calendars -
Tablets - how to use - Steve (Simon), Jim, (Sandra M), Dimitri (Pietro)
Blogs - Reyanne, Tania, Simon (Jol) (Becky), Rod
Photostory 3 - (Lindsay) (Becky)(Renn) Terry, (Pietro)
What They Play (website-Internet Safety- informs parents) -
GarageBand -(Steve S.) Connie Elisa, (Sandra W.), Steve Salter
Voice Recording (audacity?) - Reyanne (Steve S. /GarageBand/Logic) Connie Terry
Website manipulation -
Youtube - posting, teachertube, searching - (Elisa), Steve S, Sharon, Connie, Irene, Peter, Jim, Sandra M.
Microsoft Publisher - Lindsay
Wetpaint wiki Steve S.
Survey Monkey - Karen, Wooje, Angeline,Pietro, Michelle
Open Source Software - free software - Dennis, Angeline, Karen
Advanced Google Searches / StreetView - Jol
Cmap tools -
Keep toolkit/e-portfolios (Steve S)
Facebook My Band/Reverbnation- Steve S.
MovieMaker - (Sharon) Elisa, Laurel, (Kathie)
StumbleUpon - Patti
New GarageBand '08- Steve S.
iPhoto and slideshows - (Becky)