The purpose of this page is to add links and video clips etc. that we have talked about and/or seen in class. Elaan will add the tech tidbits here when we have finished viewing them.

The Facebook Song:
Facebook Anthem:

Good resource for technology related issues in education:
Evolution of Dance:
PPT - Qualitative Research Overview:
Easywhois - find out the true owner of a website

Critical Thinking Presentation 2008-08-15 (afternoon)

Snopes - website with info about hoaxes, scams, etc

Videos from presentation:

Dibert on Critical Thinking

Richard Paul on Critical Thinking

Monty Python Argument sketch

Spiders on Drugs:

Milennials Part 1:
Citation Machine (Choose APA):
The New Math:
Lost Generation:
SurveyMonkey: (enables anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily and free)
Medieval Tech Support: We saw this last year, always a good laugh and a reminder of where we were.

The Miniature Earth:

The Shining Redux:
A Tale of Two Brains:

Dr. Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture:

Teaher Forums / Chat rooms / Blogs / Bulletin Boards

Proteacher: ****
The Teacher Corner : ****
A to Z Teacher Stuff : **** - A great clip to watch about being environmental.
10 out of 10 and thanks to Sandra W. for recommending it for viewing. A must watch! by Pete Scott

A great site about the most recent research and studies about children and education. PDF's and HTML versions of recently published journals.

Educational Blogs: Moved to our Educational Blogs page.

Edutopia site-excellent site that deals with technology integration-video examples, 'project learning' (project approach) and much more. lots of great stuff! (tania) (video clip)

Facebook spoofs "this hour has 22 minutes"
"Myface and Spacebook"
text messaging
(there are lots more incl. 'Gavan uses google as a dr.')

Secondary School in napa California using technology and Project Based Learning-check out student portfolios-Thinking 'Grad. Transitions' great way to get students prepared for 'real' world....