Here is something about the wii mote - in regards to the presentation by Raj - Lindsay

]Here are some instructions for downloading Youtube so you can save them to ITunes and IPod

Click the following to see how to create your own Field Study Intent form

Here are some instructional sheets that I created for myself and my students if you would like to use them:

This is an instructional sheet for using Sharepoint that I got from a workshop last year by Jen Penk:

This is a simple set of instructions for adding a Youtube video to a sharepoint site:

Here is a sheet I created last year for effective google searching:

This is a sample Wiki permission form that I handed out last year

You've got MAIL!! I often use wiki mail to send messages to my students as a group. Check out my Jing attempt at explaining how to use Wiki mail! Wiki mail demo

Here are some instructions on how to convert a cassette recording to mp3 the simple way!